by Andrew Younker

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Faroutcrops Full of so many things I love, mixing styles and genres of music that I wouldn't expect to go together but certainly do here. Favorite track: Brainchild.
Benjamin Hickey
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Benjamin Hickey this is such a great project. amazing improved and evolved sound, sounds like it was made with a lot of love. Favorite track: Brainchild.
Sam Slocum
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Sam Slocum this kid is gonna be huge. each track on this project is such a big improvement from his last release, i can't wait to hear the next one. Favorite track: Dunning-Kruger Effect.
Jamie (Audio Antihero)
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Jamie (Audio Antihero) I like this EP a lot. Favorite track: Pink Slip.
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Recorded from late August through October 2016
mixing and mastering done by myself

thanks again to all who listen, this means more to me than you know

" flows seamlessly and everything builds to create a wall of sound that embraces you, rather than tries to knock you down."

"The release was mixed and mastered by Andrew himself and over its eighteen minute length it pours out plenty of shoegaze, psych and post-punk goodness."

"The enthralling vibes of the EP's opener, Pink Slip, will have you convinced in no time."

"A genuine labour of love for the craft. Dreampop meets bedroom DIY. Give it a listen, you’ll surprise yourself."


released November 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Andrew Younker Rochester Hills, Michigan

// always missing

// out

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Track Name: Pink Slip
business man
out on the lawn

well I tried too hard
just to get caught

sneaking past my own front door
in my humble abode

excuse me sir, have you heard about our latest sale

//business man, I forget why the second time you came around I wasn't there
//leave a pink slip on my door and I'll try my best not to see your face anymore
//I guess I just wasn't clear enough when the last time I said it that I meant it for real
//Hop back in, drive real far, get lost please for the sake of us all
Track Name: Being Stuck
are you ready to start?
well I'm the first one in and the last one found
my attention span is running out

can you really blame me?
does it really show?
does my reputation make me glow?
the most important thing!

somebody had to take my plan and drown it
in the attic...what a tragic thing

something tells me that the weight falls off in chunks
a shielded oath sucks in its gut
the simple art of being stuck
Track Name: Brainchild
I'm falling down the hole/
It's time again to let it go/

brainchild, carry on, you'll see the money pour in probably later on
Track Name: Dunning-Kruger Effect
Something’s wrong with it
I can’t be another one in the shed
The crowd is way too big
My ego has yet to be fed

And i’m lost
On a page
Nothing here, I’m afraid

It’s out the way

Say anything and i’ll reply, say thank you for your precious time

And the faces, that I didn’t see, as I scrolled past, their discography
Oh they’re crying

Can’t go wrong with that
I can’t act like I felt some regret
Dunning-Kruger has got it out for me
Recognition in the eyes of the free

And i’m lost
On a page
Nothing here, I’m afraid

It’s out of the way
So out of the way
So fire away

I need a melancholy ending
A lot that I didn’t care about
Was the view
That you showed me out
Only thing I knew
About sticks and stones
Is that they hurt.
Track Name: They Were Only Pictures
thoughts cross my mind like the New York Times word puzzle
it's way too hard this week
the lonely fault line wants to shake

make a mountain of hate
to create
a function-less fate
can you create
a mountain of hate
can you escape
from a function-less fate

thoughts cross my mind and the bus that I missed
took all its passengers
and ran off the road
into a lake

made a mountain of hate
as easy as that
made a function-less fate
can you create
a mountain of hate
can you escape
from a function-less fate

can you create a mountain of hate?
can you escape from a function-less fate?